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If you'd like to submit files for mastering, you can do so here.*  

Music mastering is a craft, an art form, and a science.  It's an obsessive look at the details, without losing sight of the whole.  It's an objective opinion, and a collaboration.  It's about quality, and presentation, and translation, and most of all, it's about music, and caring, and doing everything you can to help realize a vision.

Mastering is the last step before your music is released to the world.  We take that very seriously.  

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about working with us, mastering in general, or would like to book a session or studio visit.​

*Average turnaround time for a single is 1-2 days, and 7-10 for an album.  Please include artist name, song name, and track order with your files.

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