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Delivery Recommendations for Recorded Music Projects

This is an excellent document from the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy that I wanted to share.

Although parts of the document likely won't apply to your project, there are some great recommendations for backup, delivery, folder hierarchy, alternate versions, and even how to key the 2-bus when printing alternates.

Particularly useful is the naming convention on page 13, which I have included below.

You can view the entire document here.


With so many digital audio files involved in each audio project, it is important that Mix Version and Stem files contain all relevant information within their file names and are also easy to understand at a glance. For example:


The above audio file name example contains the following information, each separated by an underscore:

Artist Initials (AI): The artist initials are usually two letters taken from the first and last name of the artist.

Song Title: Listed as the song title, or useful abbreviation thereof. Capitalize each word or word fragment. Title contains no spaces, punctuation or diacritical markings (accents), so names are universally file compatible. Song title names should be less than 15 characters if possible. Lengthy titles may be routinely abbreviated by other programs when imported.

Mixer Initials (MI) and Mix Revision Number (01): After the song title, list the mix or stem identifier.

Mix Version or Stem Name (Master): This describes what the audio file is. “Master” is the example shown above. This may also be “Snare_Rim” or any descriptive identifier for the audio file. Capitalize each word or word fragment so title contains no spaces.

Sample Rate and Bit Depth: The sample rate at which the audio file was created is listed followed by the bit depth. The single letter “k” is sufficient to abbreviate “kilohertz.” The bit depth at which the session was created follows the sample rate. For example, a song recorded at a sample rate of 96 kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits is abbreviated, “96k24.”

**File Extension: Generally generated during file creation. If you have the option to show or hide the file extension, it should always be shown. Only one period should be used in the title and should only be placed before the file extension."

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